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Structured & Joyful Middle School

On any given day, if you take a walk through Aurum Preparatory Academy, you’ll hear the sounds of learning and joy in our halls and classrooms: Spirited debates and discussions, laughter among friends, and conversations between students and teachers. You’ll see a community of teachers and learners engaged in active thinking, creating and doing. You’ll undoubtedly notice our structured and joyful middle school environment.

Aurum Preparatory Academy is a free, close-knit small charter school with a mission to serve the 6th, 7th, and 8th students of East Oakland through rigorous instruction and positive character education. We fundamentally believe that a structured school environment with clear boundaries and caring adults, coupled with meaningful, joyful learning and community can help all students thrive.

An Aurum Prep Academy student hard at work while focusing on working with the stock market

Small & Student-Centered

Our intentionally small class sizes set the foundation for one-to-one connection and powerful student support. Through our Advisory model, students start and end each day of their middle school experience with the same teacher and peers. These connections encourage trusted relationships to flourish and serve to teach positive character and identity lessons.

We believe that learning happens just outside your comfort zone, which means we encourage academic risk taking and exploring agency, within the safety net of our inclusive, caring community. We set clear boundaries and expectations around behavior, while also providing compassionate guidance when a misstep occurs.

When schools, families and students work together, good things happen. We nurture open communication with families about student progress. Our top priority is communicating with parents about how their student is growing, and we even call home often to share good news. Aurum Prep students know they have multiple trusted and caring adults in their corner, cheering them on and guiding them when they need a hand.

Aurum Prep’s student-centered needs based academic program ensures that students receive the instruction they need to pass and surpass academic expectations. From Focus class to tutorial and our “push-in” model, we’ve created a structured program that meets students where they are and helps them get to where they need to be. No one slips through the cracks at Aurum Prep.

Joyful Learning & Community

We believe that the hard work of learning and growing into the best version of yourself can also be fun! At Aurum Prep, we enrich each student’s middle school experience with leadership and self-expression through clubs, electives, athletics and community events.

Our weekly Community Circle meeting is a chance to celebrate student achievements, such as Honor Roll, and publicly acknowledge those who demonstrate our values through the week. We inspire each other with our hard work and cheer each other on.

From Black History Month to holidays and 8th grade graduation, we never miss a chance to celebrate and have fun together. We host events that build community, like our showcase of our Week Without Walls projects, when parents see our authentic, joyful learning in action.

The fun doesn’t stop when the school day ends. Our after school clubs extend the joy in our day until 6:00 pm everyday, providing engaging social time in a supervised environment. Interested in art? We’ve got a club for that. How about finance or cooking? We offer it all as a way to grow your middle schooler’s interests and skills in a safe, social environment.

If sports are your middle schooler’s idea of fun, we offer soccer and basketball teams to develop competitive skills and teamwork. Our PE classes introduce students to a variety of sports, like hockey, dance and weightlifting, instilling a life-love of play and movement.

At Aurum Preparatory Academy, we love growth, a-ha moments, joy in learning and when students hit benchmarks they didn't know they could. Join our free public school and find out what our structured and joyful community can do for your middle schooler. Enrolling now for fall 2022!

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About Aurum Prep

Aurum Preparatory Academy teaches college preparation, character development, and design thinking to students in Oakland, Ca. Through rigorous instruction and positive character education, Aurum Prep educates all students in grades 6 through 8 to succeed in high school, college, and life, and serve as the next generation of moral leaders. Enroll your middle school student today.

The future begins today. At Aurum Prep, our students are taking the steps they need to celebrate today, and make tomorrow brighter. Learn more about enrolling your student at our tuition-free middle school, today:

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