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Closing the Opportunity Gap

Updated: May 26, 2022

Creating Equitable Access to Middle School Learning

We are beating the odds at Aurum Preparatory Academy. Our mission to close the achievement gap for students in East Oakland has brought big results for yet another year.

Students often arrive at Aurum Preparatory Academy (Aurum Prep) up to 3 years behind grade level. From the first day of school, we begin working to close the cap to ensure students are on or above grade level. According to the latest MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing results, Aurum Prep 6th graders are on track to make more than a year’s worth of growth since the start of the school year. In reading, our 7th and 8th grade classes are also on track to make 1.5 year's growth since the start of the year, an astounding achievement.

At Aurum Prep, we use testing data to help teachers plan instruction, set goals and empower our staff. We also take time to celebrate our achievements—the results are evidence of our students’ perseverance and our exemplary teaching model. We provide an environment for middle schoolers to flourish and our students to surpass our greatest expectations.

An Aurum Prep Academy student hard at work while focusing on working with the stock market

How do we achieve such tremendous growth? The answer is rooted in hard work and a carefully designed school, from the ground up. Here are a few of the things we do at Aurum Prep to prepare ALL middle school students for a college education and beyond:

Close-Knit Community

Our small school has built a mighty community that embraces each individual. Intentionally small class sizes allow Aurum students to form groups to learn together in academic classes. Taking the time to dive deep into subjects in small groups creates both camaraderie between classmates and a deeper understanding of subject area content. Our Advisory class helps develop consistent, trusted relationships, a key to a middle schooler’s positive development.

Tailored Learning

We target each students’ needs based on their personal strengths and assessment results. We get to know our students so we can meet them where they are and help them get where they need to be. In Focus classes, students learn at their own pace, choosing acceleration or remediation as needed per subject. We also provide tutoring after school with a classroom teacher, in small groups, free of charge. Instructional aides are available for students who need additional support.

Character Education

Strength of character and excellence in learning go hand-in-hand in the development of the next generation of leaders. We explicitly teach the skills, work habits, and attitudes required to attend college and achieve success. Our students develop a growth mindset so they know they have the power to tackle obstacles and persevere. Aurum Prep students embody our GOLD Standard.

Dedicated Staff

Aurum Prep staff go above and beyond typical school hours. Teachers are trained to deliver well planned, rigorous and engaging lessons to students. They provide free tutoring and after school support for students in need. We also employ a “Push In” model of teaching that supports students across classes by having teachers act as assistants in each others’ classes. Extra support, engaging lessons, small class sizes and double the expertise = academic growth.

Creative Teaching & Learning

To be the leaders of tomorrow, our students need the space and freedom to think differently. We hire the best and most innovative teachers, who inspire our students to look at problems and ideas from all angles. Sometimes those projects extend beyond the boundaries of our school building, such as our Week Without Walls project.

Parents as Partners

We firmly believe that education is a partnership between school and home. We lean on our families and communicate regularly about student progress through phone calls, reports and conferences. We can’t do it alone and we are grateful for the support each of our families provides for their student’s education.

Testing data is just one indicator of our excellence at Aurum Preparatory Academy. We believe you will also see evidence of success in the smiles on our student’s faces and the strength of our community. 96% of our families report that they are very satisfied and would highly recommend our school. Join our tuition-free public middle school and help us close the achievement gap for the bright 6th, 7th, & 8th grade students of East Oakland. We can do it together.

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About Aurum Prep

Aurum Preparatory Academy teaches college preparation, character development, and design thinking to students in Oakland, Ca. Through rigorous instruction and positive character education, Aurum Prep educates all students in grades 6 through 8 to succeed in high school, college, and life, and serve as the next generation of moral leaders. Enroll your middle school student today.

The future begins today. At Aurum Prep, our students are taking the steps they need to celebrate today, and make tomorrow brighter. Learn more about enrolling your student at our tuition-free middle school, today:

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