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Preparation for High School & Beyond

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Woven into the fabric of Aurum Preparatory Academy (Aurum Prep) is the belief that all students, regardless of background or previous academic performance, can build school success and graduate from college. From the moment students walk through our door, we begin to pave the path for many first-generation college students.

At our tuition-free public school serving grades 6-8, college preparation means learning foundational skills and developing the character traits that will serve our students for a lifetime. It also means breaking down the barriers to a college degree. We aim to expose middle schoolers to the many possibilities available after 8th grade graduation and help develop the skills to thrive in college and beyond. After all, student success is our success.

An Aurum Prep Academy student hard at work while focusing on working with the stock market

College Ready Skills & Character

Preparation for college begins on your scholar’s first day. Our academic program combines a perfect blend of rigor and personalization and meets California’s Common Core standards. After-school tutoring and extended focus on Math and Literacy, alongside character development and college-ready habits, prepare students for the challenges ahead. Many of our students come to Aurum Prep performing below grade level and make multiple years of academic growth thanks to our model. We are closing the gap and raising the bar for our students.

Much of our student success in middle school and beyond is credited to our Advisory model. When students enroll at Aurum Prep, they are placed with an advisor and a group of peers. This class examines essential skills and habits for life, and grows trusted, consistent relationships throughout the 3 years at Aurum Prep. In Advisory, we pose the question: Who am I and where am I going? Our scholars reflect on the work they have done in order to inform their decisions about personal interests, goals and high school choice.

We know the path to college is more than just academics. That’s why we enrich each student’s middle school experience with leadership and self-expression via our clubs, athletics, school events, Community Circle, and awards ceremonies. We offer a variety of extra-curricular activities and service-learning opportunities for our students to gain the necessary skills and experiences for success in high school and life.

Aurum Prep’s student-centered needs based academic program ensures that students receive the instruction they need to pass and surpass academic expectations. From Focus class to tutorial and our “push-in” model, we’ve created a structured program that meets students where they are and helps them get to where they need to be. No one slips through the cracks at Aurum Prep.

Removing Barriers

Aurum Prep advisors ensure that all students go to not only the strongest high schools but THE high school that best matches every student’s unique strengths and future goals. Our staff works to open doors to scholarships and valued schools and help our students pinpoint the high school and college of their dreams. We believe the right fit is key to continuing our work and nurturing our scholar’s futures.

We invite top high schools to attend our informational fairs so families can gain information in a convenient setting and learn of their options. We also take students on tours to help get a feel for the school. Additionally, we relieve the burden of the high school application process by helping with financial aid applications, essay writing, recommendations and test prep.

At Aurum Prep, we encourage the dreams of our scholars by providing tuition-free access, support, and the belief that a brilliant future awaits. Let’s work together to prepare your scholar for a college degree. We are enrolling now for Fall 2022.

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About Aurum Prep

Aurum Preparatory Academy teaches college preparation, character development, and design thinking to students in Oakland, Ca. Through rigorous instruction and positive character education, Aurum Prep educates all students in grades 6 through 8 to succeed in high school, college, and life, and serve as the next generation of moral leaders. Enroll your middle school student today.

The future begins today. At Aurum Prep, our students are taking the steps they need to celebrate today, and make tomorrow brighter. Learn more about enrolling your student at our tuition-free middle school, today:

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