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Exceptional Growth

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

At Aurum Preparatory Academy (Aurum Prep), we believe in the abilities and potential of every one of our students. We believe in their goals of a college diploma and the bright future they are creating for themselves and their communities. We aim to honor the hard work and commitment our students put into achieving their dreams by providing an education that enables them to learn at accelerated rates and to grow and achieve beyond the standard.

Growth = Success

Students often arrive at Aurum Prep up to 3 years behind grade level. From the first day of school, we begin working to close this gap and help get students to or above grade level. We do this through creative, standards-based teaching and 1:1 attention that serves the individual needs of each student.

Our teachers offer rigorous academics and hold students to high standards of behavior and academic achievement. Our exemplary model of Advisory and Focus classes ensures that students receive personalized attention that supports learning styles, needs and interests. We firmly believe that the quality, standards-based teaching and learning that occurs all year prepares our students to pass and surpass standardized tests.

Numbers Don’t Lie

All Aurum Prep students participate in twice yearly state mandated standardized testing. We utilize MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) testing to measure growth from the beginning of the academic year to the end.

For the 2021-22 school year, our testing data proved that our efforts to catch students up and accelerate their learning are effective. The numbers don’t lie:

  • 6th grade students made more than 1 year of overall academic growth in just 9 months.

  • 7th & 8th grade students achieved 1.5 years growth in reading.

This growth is an astounding achievement and a testament to the dedication of both our students and staff.

Testing as Information

Standardized testing measures a snapshot of where a student is in a particular stage in his/her development. It measures growth in a few subject areas over the course of an academic year, but it does not measure potential, nor does it fully assess a student’s broad knowledge and skills.

At Aurum Prep, we use testing data to help teachers plan instruction, set goals and empower action. Testing data helps us to target needs in Focus classes, where students learn at their own pace, choosing acceleration or remediation as needed per subject. If testing reveals that a student would benefit from extra support, we also offer free after school tutoring open to all students. We frequently communicate with parents when learning gaps are identified and propose solutions to help each student progress.

Success Beyond Numbers

Testing data is just one indicator of our excellence at Aurum Preparatory Academy. We believe you will also see evidence of success in the smiles on our student’s faces and the strength of our community. 96% of our families report that they are very satisfied and would highly recommend our school.

Our close-knit school culture builds positive, respectful relationships that support students long beyond the walls of our school. And our commitment to character education aids students in becoming moral leaders among their peers. We see evidence of our powerful, moral character in action everyday.

Additionally, we’ve enjoyed watching the incredible success of our two 8th grade graduating classes. Many of our students graduate from Aurum Prep with honors and receive admission and scholarships to top high schools in our area. You can read about the success of 1 of our 3 valedictorians from the class of 2022 here.

If you would like to see your middle schooler accelerate his/her learning in a supportive and caring community, we still have a few remaining spots in 7th and 8th grade for the 2022-23 school year. Contact us or enroll to get started at our tuition-free public school today.

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About Aurum Prep

Aurum Preparatory Academy teaches college preparation, character development, and design thinking to students in Oakland, Ca. Through rigorous instruction and positive character education, Aurum Prep educates all students in grades 6 through 8 to succeed in high school, college, and life, and serve as the next generation of moral leaders. Enroll your middle school student today.

The future begins today. At Aurum Prep, our students are taking the steps they need to celebrate today, and make tomorrow brighter. Learn more about enrolling your student at our tuition-free middle school, today:

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