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Soccer Practice


Championing Health, Sportsmanship, and Team Spirit

Sports At Aurum

At Aurum Preparatory Academy, our sports program is a dynamic and integral part of student life, spanning three exciting trimesters - fall, winter, and spring. Each season brings new opportunities for students to engage in various team sports, fostering teamwork, discipline, and physical fitness. Our diverse sports offerings cater to different interests and abilities, encouraging students to challenge themselves and grow both on and off the field.


Fall Season

Experience the teamwork and excitement with Co-Ed Flag Football and Girls Volleyball, fostering skills and camaraderie.

Winter Season

Winter at Aurum brings competitive spirit to the forefront with Boys and Girls Basketball, along with Boys and Girls Soccer.

Volleyball Practice
Soccer Game

Spring Season

Spring season encourages outdoor athleticism with Co-Ed Track & Field and Boys Volleyball, emphasizing both individual and team growth.

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