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Join the Aurum Prep Team 

Top Reasons to Join our Team

  1. A culture and environment where everyone is collaboratively working toward the same goal. We recruit the brightest, most passionate and committed teachers.

  2. Teachers receive targeted, purposeful professional development through daily, weekly and trimester structures. We believe teachers are the primary drivers of student outcomes and as such it is our responsibility to support and grow them every day.

  3. We operate a school that can be a proof point of excellence in East Oakland. We are working in deep partnership with the community and learning from best practices of high performing schools across the country. Our team is committed to constantly improving and getting better as individuals and as a school.

  4. We opened in 2018 with 6th grade and have added a grade every year until we reached full build out in 2020-21, serving 6th, 7th and 8th graders. You have the opportunity to grow and potentially help lead a team that is working to provide a transformational, college-preparatory education for the students of deep East Oakland.

Please refer any questions to

Aurum Prep is hiring for the 2022-2023 school year! You can find the open opportunities that are currently available on our Job Portal page.

(click each position for a more detailed description)

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