Lead Founder & Executive Director

David Hardin is the Lead Founder and Executive Director of Aurum Preparatory Academy (“Aurum Prep”).
Mr. Hardin recently completed the prestigious, Building Excellent Schools Fellowship and is currently a Fellow in the Educate78 School Design Lab. Through these Fellowships, he studied at some of the highest performing schools, both in Oakland and around the country, in order to inform the school design of Aurum Prep, and worked closely with school leaders of high performing charter schools. Mr. Hardin, an award winning educator, has experience teaching both middle and high school students. He has also successfully coached and trained teachers and worked with school leaders in an urban setting as an education consultant. Mr. Hardin is a graduate of Morehouse College with a BA in both Political Science and Spanish.

“As a child, I grew up in poverty and was placed on a track in school that did not lead to college or many life opportunities. If it were not for my mother and father's intervention, my family would still not have anyone who has graduated from college. In ninth grade, I distinctly remember my mother taking me to the principal’s office and pushing for me to be on the college prep track. I now have the great fortune of being the first person in my family to graduate from college. Unfortunately, for children in poverty, my story is not the norm. It is the exception. My story represents the enormous challenge we face in Oakland and the promise of a better future for our students. Studies have shown that college graduates can earn over a million dollars more in a lifetime than compared to peers who do not hold a college degree. At Aurum Preparatory Academy, college is our expectation.” 


The creation and success of Aurum Preparatory Academy represents the collaborative efforts and wishes of the parents and families in the Oakland community for a quality education for their students.

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